D.I.Y. Piano Removals: Is It Worth The Risk? UK


Picture this: you’ve decided to say goodbye to your old piano, understanding that it’s time for an upgrade. You stand in your living room, considering the best way to remove this heavy instrument, and a thought comes to mind: should you try to remove the piano yourself? It may seem like a cost-effective solution. But […]

Hiring Professional Piano Removals: Protecting Your Investment UK

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Imagine your beloved piano, a symbol of your passion and creativity, in the centre of your home. Its majestic presence fills the air with melodic songs that resonate deep within your soul. But now, you find yourself facing a daunting task – moving this precious investment to a new location. Have no fear, for there […]

Piano Removals: Safely Transporting Your Beloved Instrument UK

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Feeling the weight of responsibility as you prepare to transport your beloved piano? It can be quite intimidating, just like a skilled tightrope walker delicately balancing their way across a high wire. You want to make sure that your precious instrument arrives at its destination intact. Fear not! We are here to guide you through […]

Prepping Your Piano For Removal: Proper Care And Preparation UK


Did you realise that about 80% of pianos are mishandled during removal? To ensure your beloved piano is transported safely to its new destination, you must take proper care and preparation steps. Here we will guide you through the necessary steps to ready your piano for removal in the UK, guaranteeing its protection every step […]