Full House Packing Service In Plymouth

When it comes to moving, packing can seem like a daunting task. People start to pack for their moves months in advance as there are so much wrapping and boxing up of items that need to be completed. Often, it requires you to take time off work or miss those dinners with your friends to get all the packing done. If you are not up to the idea of spending your last few days in the old house packing, our full house packing service is the only thing you will need. Packing is vital to your moving process, and you will want to hire only the best in Plymouth, UK.
Our packing team at A1 Removals Plymouth will come and do all the packing for you. They will also help take apart your furniture and other items before packing them up. We offer Full House Packing services using new innovative materials and the traditional skills to ensure your belongings are packed and transported in the safest possible manner. If you require specialist appliance packing then be sure to let our team know.

When Does Paying

Us to Pack

Your Home

Make Sense?

When Does Paying Us to Pack Your Home Make Sense?

Why Hire A1 Removals Plymouth for Full House Packing Needs?

There is no much to do when moving; hiring our company for full house packing will definitely be worth it. Here are just some of the reasons why you should hire A1 Removals Plymouth

  • • You don’t have the time or the energy to pack everything on your own
  • • You are not confident of your packing skills and worried about damaging items
  • • There are fragile items that need professional packing
  • • You have certain items that need special packing materials
  • • You want to save money on your move (often DIY packing cost can spiral out of control)
  • • You need to move in a hurry

Why Hire A1 Removals


for Full House

Packing Needs?

Instead of risking packing your house on your own, here are some of the benefits you get by hiring our services

  • • All necessary packing materials and tools carried by our team

  • • Detailed, itemized inventory of all items packed

  • • Speciality covers for fragile and antique items

  • • Fully insured packing and removal

  • • Flexible booking options

  • • Cost effective solutions for your packing needs

How Do Our Full House Packing Services Work?

Packing Audit

Even before the full house packing starts, our packing coordinator will inspect the rooms that need to be packed, including the garage, loft, cellar, and garden. We will also discuss any non-standard items that also need packing.

De-Cluttering Advice

Another essential part of our packing process is the de-cluttering. There might be plenty of items that you do not need, and our coordinators will provide you with useful tips and advice on how you can get rid of your unwanted items and local communities where you can donate before moving.

Packing Process

On the scheduled day, our professional packing team will arrive at your house with all the packing materials, tools, and equipment. They will move from one room to another, packing, wrapping the items, and labelling them


OOnce all the items are packed, they are transferred to the removals vehicle, and a comprehensive inventory of everything is performed.


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