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If you are moving to a new flat locally in Plymouth or miles away, there will be millions of things for you to think about. If you are looking for a professional and reliable moving company that not only help you move your things but also take care of every small detail, A1 Removals Plymouth is the one you can trust. We customize our flat moves and removals services to meet your exact requirements. We also provide a student removals service to help you move your belongings to and from your home.

We visit your present home in Plymouth, UK, even before the moving day to assess parking, access to your flat, and any other hazard that might hinder the move. We inspect all the items that need to be moved to find out if any particular items need special care. All of these ensure that we are fully equipped and ready to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience when we arrive at your present home on the moving day.

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Our moving crew is knowledgeable, trained, skilled, resourceful, and experienced. Every member of our team undergoes extensive background checks and training that allow them to perform their job properly. When you choose A1 Removals Plymouth as your moving partner, you can expect the following from our team

Take Care of Allthe Details

Moving houses is more than just packing and carrying boxes to the new house. It is the reason why we carry all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that every small detail is taken care of. Our team is experienced in moving different household items and ensure that every item is packed properly to prevent any damage during transportation. Here are the following things that we will do for you


Competitive Pricing with No Hidden Charges


You might have heard several horror stories where unprofessional removal companies in Plymouth, UK, charge hourly rates. Suddenly, there are hidden charges that take the final cost to the level they didn’t expect due to unexpected problems.

At A1 Removals Plymouth, our team is highly experienced and perform proper planning to prevent unavoidable obstacles during the move. We do not expect our customers to pay more for situations that you do not have any control over. We work on fixed quotations for most of our moving jobs to ensure there are no hidden charges and provide you with peace of mind.

Use the Right Vehicles for Transportation

A1 Removals Plymouth has a wide range of vehicles to suit every job. We send the right vehicles to your location to ensure your move is stress-free. We use extra protection in our vehicle and secure heavy items like furniture with straps to ensure they arrive damage-free at your new location.


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