Piano Removals and Moves In Plymouth

Moving pianos are complex and require technical knowledge, all the right tools and equipment and proper skills. It also needs delicate planning and specialist knowledge that not all moving companies have. Pianos are highly delicate instruments that need proper care. They are not just heavy items, they are also fragile, and a slight bump, excess moisture or extreme temperature can cause extensive damage.

If you need to move your piano to your new home or a storage facility, you can trust A1 Removals Plymouth to transport your instrument quickly and safely. Our in-depth knowledge, expertise and attention to detail mean you can relax knowing your asset is in good hands. Our professionals at A1 Removals Plymouth UK are aware of the special precautions that need to be taken when moving pianos and tailor our solutions to your exact needs.

Piano Services

A1 Removals Plymouth UK has extensive experience and a well-qualified team to provide reliable, quick and insured services to eliminate all risks and ensure the safety of your piano during loading, transit and unloading. Our piano removals services include –

Upright Piano Moves

We have experience moving, transporting, and installing upright pianos from leading brands, including Yamaha, Steinway, Kawi, Beckstein, Petroff, Boston, and others. We remove all the fragile parts before leading the piano onto the specialist truck.

Baby Grand Piano

Baby and concert grands are some of the most complicated pianos to move. Still, we have built a lot of experience and expertise to move such pianos by overcoming any obstacles that these kinds of pianos may cause. We carefully remove the loose parts of the piano before manoeuvring it to a piano slipper and on to a specialized truck.

Grand Piano

We move all types of Grand pianos and follow the same procedures as that of baby grand pianos. We use the latest removal methods to ensure the piano does not get damaged in any way.

Our team ensures that each and every part of the piano is protected, especially when tight spaces or stairs need to be negotiated because of its mere shape and size. As a specialist, we know how to move your piano to your location in the fastest and the safest way possible.

Why Use A1 Removals Plymouth UK for Piano Removals?

A1 Removal Plymouth has the knowledge, skills, and the right equipment to safely move your piano to your desired location. Here are the main reasons to choose A1 Removals Plymouth for your piano removal –

  • We have an impeccable reputation in moving pianos with attention to detail and excellent customer service.
  • Our detailed assessment and planning for piano removal ensure our team arrive with all the right equipment you will need.
  • Our fleet of removal vehicles has air ride suspension, hydraulic tailgates and barring systems allowing us to load your piano safely to our trucks.
  • Our trucks are completely enclosed and contain GPS tracking and security alarms to move your piano over long distances safely.
  • We have moved all types of pianos including upright pianos, grand pianos, organs, digital pianos and even antique pianos safely and efficiently.
  • We have trained, skilled and experienced piano movers who adhere to the highest of standards. If you are seeking an office removals service, then don’t hesitate to call our team today.

Call A1 Removals Plymouth UK to take the stress out of moving your piano no matter how large or small your piano may be. Get in touch today for a quick quote or to get more information about our piano moving services in Plymouth UK.