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Student Removals and Moving Service Plymouth

Whether you have recently enrolled yourself in a new college or university, looking to switch dorms, or you are moving back home between semesters, A1 Removals Plymouth, UK, provide you with an affordable and stress-free moving services for both nationwide and overseas.

For parents who cannot move their children to university accommodation due to their work commitments or any other concern, we can assist your child’s move. We help hundreds of students every year move across the country or internationally to help them settle on to their new accommodation securely and safely. Our international removals team is extremely efficient in helping you save time and money when moving your belongings the first time.

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Our StudentMoving Services

A1 Removals Plymouth specializes in small and large moves and can help you move anything irrespective of its shape and size. Most student move is small and will take only a short amount of time unless it’s an international move. We offer the following services to students –

Most of the time, our moving company services are coupled with packing, repacking and storage services. If you do not like packing, we will bring boxes, tapes, labels, poster tubes and other items to pack your belongings for the move. In many cases, we can even store your belongings for a semester or a summer, depending on your needs. When you return, we can deliver your belongings to your new dorm or new off-campus residence.

Use Our Reliable Student Moving Service in Plymouth UK

Apart from being daunting, moving can be costly for a student irrespective of which college or university you are in or how many items you need transporting. You might often get too caught up in your exams or homework, and not have enough time to do everything on your own. The same goes for when you are home for an annual break and have to move your stuff from college to home or vice-versa. If any of the above sounds like you, let A1 Removals Plymouth do all the work for you. Here are the top reasons why we are the go-to student moving company in Plymouth UK –

Quick Response

Whether it is a few days before the move or just an hour, we provide a quick response and help you arrange your move as quickly as possible. We aim to make your move as smooth as possible by getting your belongings to your destination quickly and safely.

Dependable Moving Team

Packing can be physically and mentally stressful. We send our skilled team at your location to help you pack your things and even clean up the messes that might be left behind. We then load everything on our trucks to make your move simple and comfortable.


We understand that moving can be financially challenging for students. It is why our student removal services are reasonably priced and can easily be customized to suit your needs.

Flexible and Convenient

Whatever your specific requirements might be, we offer flexible student removal services to make your move as convenient as possible. Our professionals are skilled and trained to navigate your items through the tiniest student accommodation with your heavy or large baggage.


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Moving is never fun! We make it easy for students to move quickly and easily with our extensive student moving services. You only need to tell us the things you need to be transported, from where to where and when. We will get back to you with an itemized breakdowns or package pricing and wait for you to give us the green light!