Appliance Packing

Appliance Packing & Reconnecting In Plymouth

Now that the move day is close by, you might be wondering what to do about those large appliances such as gas stove, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer refrigerator, and other appliances.

Packing and moving appliances from one house to another need a great deal of know-how and coordination. They need to be disconnected and properly packed for the move. Disconnecting your appliances in your old house and then reconnecting them properly in your new house can be tricky. Appliances often require you to work with the gas lines and the water lines, and if you are not knowledgeable or have the right skills, it can be dangerous.

A moving company can do all the heavy work for you and can prepare your appliances for transport. A1 Removals Plymouth offers high quality and professional appliance packing and reconnecting services in Plymouth to our customers. We also can take all the stress out of packing by offering a full house packing service. Our team handle all your appliances moving needs, right from disconnecting them from the power and water systems for packing and then installing them again. 

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Our team has perfected their appliances moving technique and have undergone extreme training to provide you with the best experience available in Plymouth UK.

No matter the size, weight or the number of appliances that need moving, our top team at A1 Removals Plymouth will take the load off you!


Opt for Professionals to Eliminate Appliance Packing and Reconnecting Problems


Appliances need special consideration when packing and moving. You just cannot put them inside a box and then expect them to work when they arrive at the new place. As the best packing service expert in Plymouth UK, our professional removals team can take the hassle out of your packing for a move. You will work with some of the best people in business to create a working plan to meet your needs and budget. Our extensive range of appliance packing and reconnecting services includes


Hooking up your gas stove or washing machine may seem easy, but if they are done correctly, they can cause some serious damage. For example, you need to tape everything to avoid swinging doors, or you need to defrost the fridge before the moving day. Our team is trained, licensed, and have all the right tools to perform their tasks correctly. We promise to keep your appliances safe and secure throughout the whole process, whether you are moving within Plymouth or long-distance.

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If you are moving, make the experience of A1 Removals Plymouth UK to use. Our team makes even the most difficult relocations simple and enjoyable. Our reliable and professional service will ensure your appliances are packed, properly cared for during transit and installed in your new home correctly. Call us today and get a free quote with our moving specialist.