Reducing Stress When Moving House


We work closely with our customers to ensure a stress-free moving
process. Don’t worry about a thing, we will take care of it! Time spent now
preparing for your packing service will help the day run as smooth as possible
for all involved!

  • The Tea Chest is no more. ‘Moving boxes’ have replaced the Tea Chest. These are a lot easier to handle and stack. Clarify with the removal team exactly what is to be packed.
  • Check what time they will visit to complete the packing, this can be anywhere from 3 days before the move, to the day before, depending upon the amount of goods to be packed. If packing yourself, ensure you start as early as possible.
  • Packing correctly takes longer than you may think. Make sure packing is done in suitable boxes, that are taped correctly. Incorrect boxes and taping can result in damages. Try to fill boxes up, but at the same time, try to keep the weight down. If a box is becoming heavy, fill it up with light bulky items and close/tape the lid. Books can often be the heaviest items, please split these up between boxes.
  • Clearly label the boxes with your name, contents, and the required room at the new property. Mark boxes with delicate items FRAGILE, on multiple sides.
  • Make sure any items that could spill are securely fastened, and held in an upright position within the box.
  • Linen bags are useful to place bed linen in, as well as clothes that are stored in draws. Different boxes are for different jobs. Please ensure you are using the correct boxes for items, based on the item weight.
  • DO NOT pack flammable items or food stuffs. This is not allowed, and will invalidate any insurance cover. These put your possessions, and other peoples, at risk of fire.
  • Acid free tissue paper is used to protect silverware from tarnishing. We recommend this if silverware is to stay packed a while. We sell a competitive range of packaging equipment, and could give you a very good deal.
  • To ensure you don’t lose any packed items, please smooth out all packing materials before throwing them out. Small items could get discarded by mistake.

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