Will a Moving Company Disassemble Furniture UK?

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Will your moving company disassemble your furniture during your move?

This is probably one of the most common questions that people have when it is time for them to move house. After all, it is not an easy thing to put together and take your furniture apart and the moment you hire a moving company, it only makes sense to expect them to lend you a hand. But, is this really the case?

Will Your Movers Disassemble and Assemble Your Furniture?

Yes, moving companies will disassemble and assemble your furniture. The truth is that there are some items such as bed frames that should be taken apart first for safely moving them. If you will only have a local move or less than 100 miles, moving companies charge their usual rates per hour. For long distance moves of more than 100 miles, they will charge for their service per weight.

Most of your home furniture items won’t need disassembly. But, there are some items that will. Some of the most common items that require disassembly include large dining room tables, bed frames, vanities, and bureaus. If the furniture was assembled inside the room, there are times when it might not fit through your door. In cases like this, the movers will decide how to disassemble and prepare it for transport.

Items to Disassemble or Prepare Before Your Move to Save Money and Time

  • Bed frames

Many bed frames should be disassembled first before your move. Moving companies will only do it right before the move. However, if you would rather do it on your own, you might want to wake up earlier before your movers arrive to do it.

  • Shelving units or bookcases

If there are glass shelves on your bookcases or the shelves tend to come right off with just a mere lift, the movers will remove all the shelves first and wrap each one separately.

  • Vanities and bureaus

Any furniture piece with a large glass or mirror attached to it that is removable will probably be disassembled as well. If this glass is part of the door such as on china cabinets or glass coffee tables, the pieces might be wrapped intact. If you are not sure whether or not you should take it apart, it would be best if you wait for the movers to arrive because they will be the ones to decide on what to do depending on the case.

  • Large dining room tables

A regular sized dining room table might simply be protected and wrapped as is. However, if your dining room table is large and heavy, your movers will probably remove the legs first and protecting every part separately. It prevents the dining room table and legs from breaking during the transit since it will easier to load the table in the moving truck if its legs were removed.

One important tip to remember when disassembling your furniture is to ensure that you keep all the parts and screws and keep them inside a sealable plastic bag with correct labels.