Is Plymouth a Nice Place To Live?

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Info provided by A1 Removals Plymouth:

Plymouth markets itself as a nice place to live and that relocating here is a great idea, whether you are from overseas or within Britain. So far, the residents of the area are happy, the place itself is vibrant with public transports, and the rest of the services are working properly and on time.

There are enough things happening in Plymouth to keep boredom at bay but is also quiet and peaceful enough that makes it pleasant to go about with your day to day life. Some of the major events held in the area include the British Firework Championships, La Solitaire du Figaro, and the Rolex Fastnet Race. The Theatre Royal also consistently hosts major shows, and you can also enjoy the public services, views, waterfront, and moorland.

Stats and surveys also exist to back up Plymouth’s enthusiastic promotions. A report in 2014 revealed that Plymouth was named as the best city for families, thanks to its low crime rates and excellent schooling. Another survey also listed as the UK’s 5th happiest place to work in. Businesses in the city also find the perfect balance as they don’t overwork their employees nor do they deplete their motivation and drive.

All the Good Things That Await You in Plymouth

Probably the number one best thing about Plymouth is none other than the natural beauty of its local countryside. It doesn’t matter if you are in Plymouth itself or you are in the nearby Dartmoor because your eyes will surely be captivated by the scenic moors and parks. Aside from the great views, the countryside feel can also give you that perfect opportunity to live a more relaxed way of life.

There is also the stunning coast where you can surf, sail, take a stroll to admire the cliffs, or just sit in serenity as you admire and take in everything around you. You can go for a ferry ride to St. Malo, a picturesque spot in Northwestern France, and home to some captivating ancient sites to behold. It also wouldn’t take much for you to go to Santander, Bilbao, and Roscoff.

If you are looking for some fun things to do in Plymouth, you can also check out the local restaurants and pubs once you are done with the events mentioned earlier. Since the area is only a short distance away from the bigger cities, you can always go once cabin fever kicks in.

Foodies also love to visit Plymouth for a reason. Being a territory of farmlands, everything in the area is pretty fresh and that includes the delicious seafood options. The value for money here is also better compared to other cities.

Plymouth locals are also very friendly, something that is a very rare find in other big cities.

Is Plymouth a Great Place to Move To?

There is no hard and fast answer to this question. After all, it still mainly depends on your own personality and the things you want and expect from a city. Plymouth is a nice place to live if you want sprawling coastlines, panoramic countryside, lots of moorland, and immense cliffs all around you.