How to Choose the Right Removals Company UK


When you are finally ready to move house, it is only normal that you want and expect this important day to be smooth and convenient as much as possible. One critical factor to ensure a seamless move is none other than your chosen removals company. It is important to hire the best company out there to be sure that your belongings will arrive safely and right on time.

The first step in choosing a removals company is to get several quotes to help you create a shortlist. It is recommended to inform each potential company of your specific requirements, particularly if you have antiques, a grand piano or other items that need special handling, or if some of your furniture must be dismantled first. Letting the company know about these will help you get the most accurate quotes possible from the very beginning.

Request an In-House Assessment

You might want to get some of the companies to take a look around your property. Aside from your possessions, they also need to check where it will be safe for them to park their vans, the entrances and exits, and the stairs in your home.

Make sure you choose a company with enough insurance for covering every possession you have from end to end. There might be a need for you to take out extra cover yourself for other items and the removals company will inform you of this. The advised minimum level is £50,000.

Inquire about Policies about Delays

There are companies that charge for delays by the hour and others’ overall fee might already include reasonable delays. Of course, you might not be at fault for some delays so don’t forget to look into the specific types of billable delays.

Say No to Cash Payments

Reliable removals companies should prefer getting paid through bank transfer or by card. While you can always offer to pay for everything in cash, a company that only accepts cash is a red flag.

Look for Professional and Helpful Team Members

Even if it is only a simple branded sweatshirt or T-shirt, a uniform is an indication of a company’s professionalism and that they want the public to see them. All members of the team you deal with must be able, approachable, and friendly over the phone, in writing, and more importantly, in person.

Check the Reviews

These can include online feedback although you can also talk to previous clients, especially if you got some specialist requirements.

Procedure for Complaints

There will always be something that will go wrong during the move so it is best to know the trade or professional bodies that the company is a part of and what protocols they have for raising complaints. Hire only those removal companies that are members of the British Association of Removers because this body can help you with possible problems or grievances.

Furniture Disassembly

Disconnecting your household appliances or dismantling furniture might require an extra fee or be included in the package already. Be sure to ask about it beforehand.