How Stressful is Moving House UK?

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Most of you will surely agree how nerve-racking it is to move house. But, is this really true for everyone? If yes, how stressful can it be in the first place?

One survey of 2,000 homeowners in the UK found out that moving house tops the list of stresses in life.  Around 40% of homeowners rank moving flat or house to be the most stressful event they had to go through, much more than getting divorced at only 34%.

It has also been revealed that moving house is more stressful than the following:

  • Getting married at 25%
  • Starting a new job at 27%
  • Having a baby at 51%

Approximately 60% of the survey participants stated that they were put off by moving house since they didn’t like the changes involved.

Is It Really as Stressful to Move House As Most People Think?

About two-thirds of the respondents claimed that they were deprived of sleep because of moving house and around 34% even stated that they suffered from anxiety or other physical or mental illness as a result.

When people were asked to break down the exact things that stressed them out about moving house, only a few of them mentioned the moving process itself.

The truth is that 46% said that their foremost worry was having new noisy neighbours while 41% stated that the thorny issue for them was traffic.

How about the rising removals cost?

It is not really a surprise that more than half of the survey respondents said that the worst part were the costs involved with the process of moving house.

Research revealed that the total average price of selling and buying a house is currently over £12,000.

However, the moving house process itself that is part of the price tag is considerably lower.

This will also depend a lot on several different factors that include the following:

  • The overall volume of your belongings
  • The size of your property
  • Required packing materials
  • Distance covered

The general rule here is that you can expect to pay around £400 if you have a single bedroom flat up to more than £1,200 for moving a detached property with three bedrooms.

Common Reasons Why Moving House is So Stressful

In the event that you already got a preconceived idea from those negative articles about how stressful it is to move house, then, it surely will. It is inevitable for moving house to have a psychological effect since you will uproot your life, leave behind some important relationships, and go through a physically demanding process. But, if you are worried, you first need to identify the specific aspects of the process that can potentially bring on anxious feelings.

Some of the common reasons why moving house can be so stressful include:

  • Fear of the unknown

  • Thought of packing

  • Change of routine

  • Feeling unprepared

  • Leaving family and friends

  • Physical labour

Research has earlier revealed that it affects not just adults but children as well. Indeed, moving house has a significant impact on people’s mental health and on families, which only proves that going through this event is definitely stressful.