How Much Do Removals Companies Cost in UK?


If you are preparing to move house soon, knowing how much removals companies cost in the UK can give you a good idea of what you can expect once the time comes that you need to pay for the service. But, unless a reliable international removal company provides a written estimate of the costs of removal, it would be impossible for you to know the exact amount you will be paying in the end. Be aware man and van services are much cheaper than removal companies.

Until you compared several moving quotes, it can be a big help to be aware of how much it will cost you to move house in UK.

Average Cost of Moving Companies

On average, moving within the UK will cost you £1,181. It is the typical price you will pay for moving all the contents of a 3-bedroom home to a new house located 50 miles away.

Calculating Moving Costs

There are two important factors considered when calculating the amount you will pay for moving your belongings. The first one is the distance that the moving company will travel and the second one is the size of the items that will be moved.

Below are the costs that depend on these variables, and the indicated prices are according to a three-bedroom house:

You also need to pay for the specific distance between your new home and your current one and the typical rate for every mile is £1.

The initial 50 miles are already part of the other costs. For example, if your new house is located 120 miles away, this means that you will be paying £70 aside from the other costs. You will then pay a total of £1,251.

If you want a more precise calculation of how much it will cost you to move your belongings, moving companies typically charge £1 for every cubic foot. Most people might have a hard time to work it out but it is not impossible at all.

Potential Additional Costs

If ever you have more stuff than an average home, there might be a need for you to pay more for the time that the moving company’s workers will spend on loading your possessions.

Also, if you got some especially heavy, cumbersome, or intricate items that only experts can remove such as a heavy bath, a large sofa, or a grand piano, expect that it will typically cost you about £125 for every item.

You might also need additional packing materials or storage space that will typically cost you £30 for every week.

If it happens that it is especially tricky to get in or out of your home, moving companies may also ask you to pay an additional charge.

It can be because it is hard for them to get in front of your property, for example, if there is a narrow road outside or if there are lots of obstacles. This is also the case if it would be hard for the moving company to get your belongings out.