Top 3 Best Barbers in Plymouth

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Review provided by A1 Removals Plymouth:

A good haircut can make a big difference, not only on how you look but also on how you feel as a whole. If you are looking for the best barbers in Plymouth, here are three of the top choices you can find in the area that can give you the pampering you need and deserve:

Mutley Barbers

If you are looking for a barber shop that perfectly combines a traditional and modern touch, Mutley Barbers is the best place to go. The shop boasts of an ambience and charm of an urban retro reminiscent of the 70s.

Walid and Kevin are highly experienced business partners and together with the dynamic members of their team, they offer a professional service of topnotch modern barbering. They offer their clients with stylish and neat precision cuts available at budget-friendly prices.

They take pride in being a barbershop with a welcoming and warm atmosphere that makes their customers want to return again and again.

Their specialties include hair cutting, beard trimming and styling, tram lines, traditional wet shaves, V or Mohawk and all low fades cut, crew and flat top, and wet shaves complete with hot towel treatment. Mutley Barbers caters for boys aged 5 years old to those who are already over 65 years of age.


Barberloft is an established barbershop with an ambience similar to an 1820’s Stoke Townhouse. The shop houses an original Belmont emperor chair, an antique mirror, decorative cast iron radiator, and personalised music playing.

Philip, the owner of the barbershop has 30 years of experience in the field of customer service and barbering qualifications in NVQ level 1, 2, and 3. The shop has continuously showed their passion about barbering for more than 15 years with 25 years of customer service experience, giving you the assurance that you will get a first-class service.

Philip has received training in hot towel shaving with the use of a straight razor. He has also mastered adapting to this kind of luxury service that suits all budgets. He can also create looks with the use of different razor and scissor techniques, specialising in more traditional haircuts, fading, and long hair. You will also feel more comfortable because the same barber will handle your hair every time you visit.

The specialties of Barberloft include full shaves and hot towel beard shaping, waxing, wash, grey hair coverage, haircuts, and pore cleansing. They also cater to students and seniors as well as adults and children.

Luka’s Barbers

One of the most esteemed barbers of the UK is the owner of Luka’s Barbers together with his team of experts. You can find Luka’s Barbers right in the hearts of Plymouth and Exeter. This shop is a favourite among many locals, which is not a big surprise since it offers everything you can ever ask for, from top of the line hair products, the sharpest cut in town to music, clothing, PlayStation, beer, and Old J Rum. Their specialties include beard and hair trim, beard shape up, student cut, and under 16 cut.

Other special mentions go to New Cresent Barbers and Studio 33